The Rare Bird Workshops  

The Rare Bird Workshops serve as an interactive platform for females ages 10-18 to explore issues that are often found too difficult to discuss with family and friends.

Growing up, I did not have this type of vital emotional support nor a proper outlet to explore and express my feelings. Therefore, I deeply understand how crucial it is to provide a forum for young girls to acknowledge their true emotions and thoughts minus any real or imagined peer and parental judgements.

My past experiences with bullying, cliques, body image and adolescent experiences have sparked a strong motivation for me to help guide our youth toward living authentic and healthy lives. I feel an obligation to create a space where girls can feel safe and free to share experiences, explore ideas and grow into the strong and confident women they are meant to be.

Topics covered include:

  • Relationships with parents and peers
  • Dating
  • Cliques/Bullying/Cyber Bullying
  • Drinking/Drug use
  • Self Esteem, Body image, Insecurity
  • Self-Identity
  • Media/Societal influence and pressure
  • Nutrition/Physical Fitness
  • College and Career Planning
  • Stress management/Coping Skills

These workshops are designed as open forums of discussion that provide skills for helping young women cope with and steer through the tumultuous years of adolescence. By empowering our youth to be authentic and hopeful they can then live positive, healthy and full lives.